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Common Threads: History of Fashion through a Woman's Eyes2012<p>The exhibition Common Threads: History of Fashion through a Woman's Eyes will chronicle 20th century women's fashion and explore the meaning of fashion and art in social and historical contexts. The exhibition, to be held in the West Gallery of Old College in spring 2013, will link material culture research through garments for students, scholars and the public. The exhibition will feature highlights from the treasures housed in the Historic Costume and Textiles Collection within the Department of Fashion and Apparel Studies. This interdisciplinary research project combines the expertise of faculty, staff and students from Fashion and Apparel Studies, Art Conservation, Art History, University Museums and Women's Studies.<br></p>orzada vcassman
The Ancestral Lands of the Ese’eja- The True People2014<p>This multidisciplinary project centers on the Ese'eja Nation, an indigenous hunter gatherer people located in the Amazonian region of Peru. The objectives include documenting the Ese'eja lifestyle, creating a community plan, and programming education for Ese'eja schools, surrounding communities, and internationally through the Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research.<br></p>cguerron monicadt tmiddleb rosa jbruck joncox
The African Americas2011<p>An interdisciplinary program on the African Diaspora in the Americas.<br></p><p>The African Americas project seeks to convey the magnitude, diversity, and impact of the African Diaspora in the Americas. In particular, the program will explore the deep and lasting connections between Latin America, the Caribbean, and black artists, intellectuals, and institutions in the United States. The program is deeply interdisciplinary, bringing together artists, musicians, and humanities scholars in music, art, art history, literature, anthropology, and history.</p><p>The program is accompanied by two semester-long undergraduate seminars, "Sugar, Salsa and Santería," taught by Persephone Braham in Foreign Languages/Latin American & Iberian Studies, and "Representations of Slavery in the Americas," taught by Pier Gabrielle Foreman. The symposium is held in conjunction with an exhibition by Jamaican-American artist Keith Morrison, "The Middle Passage" on view from September-December 2011 in Mechanical Hall, the home of the Paul R. Jones Collection of African American Art. The symposium also coincides with: Latino Heritage Month; the 40th anniversary of the Black American Studies program, newly designated a department; and the 35th anniversary of the Center for Black Culture.</p><p>The African Americas Project is sponsored by the Delaware Humanities Forum, the Paul R. Jones Initiative, the Interdisciplinary Humanities Research Center, Latin American & Iberian Studies, Area Studies, the College of Arts & Sciences, the Departments of Anthropology, Art History, Art, Black American Studies, Foreign Languages & Literatures, History, Music, and Women's Studies, and the Institute for Global Studies.<br></p>mcgee braham cgaiter
Cape ReSoundings: South African Collaborations and Interventions: An Interdisciplinary Artist Residency with a South African Focus2015<p>An interdisciplinary artist residency program with a South African focus, Cape ReSoundings foregrounds artists as catalysts for dialogues centered on history, race, diversity, civic and communal justice, among other things, but above all, the capacity of the arts to creatively intervene in rehearsed positions and ways of seeing.</p><p> </p><p>Image credit: Garth Erasmus, <em>Boog van die Testimonie</em> (Arc of the Testimony), from<em> Boog van die Testimonie</em> series, 2003. Correction fluid and ink over lithographic multiples. © Garth Erasmus<br></p>mcgee rmarquez cemiller isokoye
iMusic 8 Campus Chatter: A Campus Climate Diversity Project2013<p>Music by Xiang Gao, lyrics by Joyce Hill Stoner, and book by Larry Raiken, this interdisciplinary original musical theatre production brings to life current-day campus adventures and encounters; some are amusing, and some are edgy. Songs and sketches are based on interviews carried out with UD students from various backgrounds (especially racially diverse and international students). For more information, visit the Campus Chatter website at <a href="" target="_blank"><strong></strong></a><br></p>xiangg jhstoner
The Colored Conventions Project2014<p>In the decades preceding the Civil War, free and fugitive Blacks gathered in state and national conventions to advocate for justice as Black rights were constricting across the country. <strong><a href="" target="_blank"></a> </strong>recovers and shares information about delegates and associated women whose civic engagement, political organizing and publications have long been forgotten.<br></p><p>We are delighted to announce the website for our upcoming symposium,<a href="" target="_blank"><strong>"Colored Conventions in the Nineteenth Century and the Digital Age"</strong></a>on April 24-25, 2015, hosted by the University of Delaware and the Delaware Historical Society.<br></p>sarahp jcasey jdconrad clayc rudisell cgaiter pfaelzer
Dave the Potter's Couplet Pots: Dancing History and Dred Scott2013<p>An interarts research collaboration that engages archival historical and literary research and creative work in poetry, art, music and dance to explore nineteenth-century African American history through a focus on "Dave the Potter's" pottery.<br></p>overby
EARTH PERFECT? Nature, Utopia, and the Garden2011<p>EARTH PERFECT? Nature, Utopia, and the Garden" is a project in three phases spanning 2011-2014 and involving two essay collections and an international symposium.  In the edited collection, <strong><em>Earth Perfect? Nature, Utopia, and the Garden</em></strong>  (Black Dog Publishing, 2012), questions such as: "What is the role of the garden in defining humanity's ideal relationship with nature?" and "How should we garden in the face of catastrophic ecological decline?" were addressed through wide-ranging case studies–including ancient Roman gardens in Pompeii, Hieronymus Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights, the gardens of Versailles, organic farming in New England–by senior scholars in architecture, art history and classics to geography, horticulture, landscape architecture, law, literature, philosophy, urban planning, and the natural sciences.  A four-day symposium showcasing the garden as an emblem of the ideal human relation with nature and designed for an academic audience, garden professionals, and a general public interested in the importance and meaning of gardens followed the publication of the first edited collection, and spawned a second edited collection, <em>The Good Gardener</em>? (Forthcoming, Fall 2014, Black Dog Publishing). <br></p>alg naomijacobs
Game Studies Research Group2013<p>In recent years, video games have begun to outpace the film, music, and publishing industries in terms of profits and cultural impact. The Games Studies Research Group considers how people in different disciplines approach games as a subject of study, with faculty learning as much from each other as from the literature in this emerging trans-disciplinary field.<br></p>rhutch ptpt chester juliedee jlambe
Hemispheric Dialogues: Interrogating Social Justice in the Americas2009<p><strong class="ms-rteThemeForeColor-2-0">The Hemispheric Dialogues Research Cluster</strong> is a collaborative, cross-disciplinary research initiative that brought together six Latina scholars from the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Education and Public Policy with a common interest in research that interrogates social justice in the Americas. They have created an intellectual and social community to support their individual research projects and to share theories, methods and practical strategies for archival and field research in Latin American and Latin@ topics. They meet regularly in research incubation sessions, reading each other's work, offering each other feedback through intensive and lively discussions and coming to know each other not only as scholars but also as whole and integrated people.<br></p><p>During the year 2010-2011, the research cluster focused its energies on one collaborative project carried out in two stages: a symposium in the fall, and the preparation of a publication during the spring. Multidisciplinary and hemispheric in scope, the aim of the publication is to build upon emerging studies and publications critically addressing definitions and redefinitions of the fields of Latin American and Latina/o Studies. Individual essays reflect on the theories and methods that have shaped specific disciplines (Anthropology, Art History, Education, English, Spanish Literature, and Women Studies) and their bearings into interrogations of social justice in the Americas. The overall book seeks a bidirectional engagement: it builds from personal experiences to explore larger methodological frameworks, while examining the relevance of theoretical and critical tools in our own research and pedagogical practices.</p>monicadt cguerron gladys quintana
Encounters: iMusic5--Theatrical Multimedia Productions and Symposia Celebrating the Humanities2012<p><strong>The University of Delaware Master Players Concert Series</strong> (MPCS) is creating new traditions in the spring of 2012, to culminate with a multi-disciplinary production: "Encounters – Qing and West," April 20 & 21, 2012, at 8 pm in Mitchell Hall. </p><p>"Encounters – Qing and West" celebrates the humanities and their diversity through the intersection of theater, literature, history, preservation, music and technology. This production will transport the audience to the Qing Dynasty (1644–1912), the final golden period of imperial China. Through visual presentations, drama, lectures and live music, the audience will experience the impact of the encounters between cultures, as artistically interpreted by experts in multiple disciplines worldwide. A symposium series — April 13, 19, and 20–in advance of the concerts will engage a broader audience in this celebration of the humanities. (See IHRC "Calendar" for more information.)<br></p>xiangg jwalker
Live Cinema Live2010<p>Live Cinema Live, In the Round: Contemporary Art from the East Mediterranean marked the first ever collaboration between the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the University of Delaware. This took the form of a series of events in the fall of 2011, including: Visiting artist Christodoulos Panayiotou (Cyprus,France) on the Newark campus for a public lecture and studio visits with MFA students (supplementary support for Panayiotouʼs visit received from the Institute for Global Studies); UD students and faculty attend both the exhibition opening of "Live Cinema/In the Round: Contemporary Art from the East Mediterranean" at the PMA, as well as Incidence, a sound performance by artist Hassan Khan at the Slought Foundation; Live Cinema Live, an afternoon of dialogue and conversations at Trabant Theater, University of Delaware, featuring Nora Alter(Professor, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA), Hassan Khan (artist, Cairo, Egypt), René Marquez (Associate Professor, University of Delaware), NovemberPaynter (curator, Istanbul, Turkey), Brian Kuan Wood (artist and writer, e-fluxjournal, New York, NY), and Adelina Vlas (curator, Philadelphia Museum of Art,Philadelphia, PA); ʻRe[a]l Cinema: Contemporary Translations of the Body,ʼ an exhibition in the Art Departmentʼs Recitation Gallery of work by Keren Cytter and Doron Golan, two Israeli video artists. Exhibition curated by art history graduate student Barbara Kutis in response to the exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art; and publication of THIS IS A MEETING PLACE, a 12-page magazine featuring writing and artwork by artists Inci Eviner, Christodoulos Panayiotou, Hassan Khan, and Brian Kuan Wood; as well as by UD undergraduate art student Aaron Hoffer and UD graduate art history students Barbara Kutis and Ted Triandos.<br></p>adonovan adelinavlas
Encountering 'Others' in the Atlantic World: Perspectives from the Material World2013<p>This project organized an international conference celebrating the 375th anniversary of the founding of New Sweden, which was held November 8-10, 2013.<br></p>decunzo
Mediamorphosis: Print Culture and Transatlantic Public Sphere(s), 1880-19402011<p>This symposium provided a forum for literary scholars, historians, media historians and art historians to share works–in–progress on the transformations of print media and transatlantic public spheres at the turn of the 20th century. Presentations focused on: advancing understanding of print culture's role in the period's movements for racial, class, and gender equality; identifying and theorizing the relationship between print culture, empire, and cross-cultural (transatlantic, transnational) writing, reading, and publishing; bringing the theories and methods of material culture studies to bear on the analysis of print artifacts as "objects" or "things"; grasping the increasing textual hybridity of the period's print artifacts, by examining such phenomena as the interactions between illustration and text and the complex collage effects created by advances and experiments in typography and image reproduction; and analyzing and theorizing the relationship between transformations in print culture and evolving notions of authorship, especially as related to the professionalization of academic disciplines such as English. A special issue of Modernism/modernity on this topic will be published in September 2012 in conjunction with a special issue of The Journal of Modern Periodical Studies.<br></p><p>Hosted by the IHRC, this symposium was also supported by: the Center for Material Culture Studies, the Departments of Black American Studies, English, and Women's Studies, the University of Delaware Library, the Institute for Global Studies, the University Faculty Senate Committee on Cultural Activities and Public Events (CAPE), and the Delaware Humanities Forum.<br></p><p><a href="">Visit the webpage!</a><br></p>pccollier
Uncovering an Invisible Demographic: Faculty, Disclosure, and Disability in Higher Education2013<p>Although the experiences of disabled students are relatively well-documented, at least in part because they are tracked by disability services offices through accommodation requests, disabled faculty constitute a nearly invisible demographic in higher education.<br></p><p><strong>Disability Disclosure in/and Higher Education</strong> A national conference to be held at The University of Delaware, Newark, DE October 25-27, 2013. <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Visit the web site</strong></a> for more information.<br></p>kersch
Playwright in Residence, 2010-2011: Theresa Rebeck O, Beautiful2010<p>The intention of this project was to commission a prominent American playwright to create a new play for UD's professional theatre company, the Resident Ensemble Players (REP) and, while doing so, to be a guest instructor in a variety of English Department courses in fiction writing and drama. An additional aspect of this commission was for the author to deliver a public lecture on a topic of her or his choice.</p><p>A commission was offered to Theresa Rebeck, Broadway and off-Broadway playwright (winner of the PEN/Laura Pels Foundation Award for an American Playwright in Mid-Career) and successful author/producer for television (L.A. Law, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, NYPD Blue, NBC's new series Smash), as well as critically acclaimed novelist.</p><p>Ms. Rebeck delivered a public lecture for the Freshman Experience, participated in seven English Department courses (including a special meeting of English students and faculty), and three large Theatre Department lecture courses. In these courses Ms. Rebeck interacted with a total of approximately 958 students.</p><p>The play she created for REP, titled, O Beautiful was the subject of a cover story in the New York Times arts section on April 14, 2011.</p><p>The production was designed by a team of top professionals and directed by REP Producing Artistic Director, Sanford Robbins.</p><p>Subsequently, O Beautiful has been produced at Connecticut Repertory Theatre in fall 2012. O Beautiful will open the season at the Alley Theatre in August of 2013.<br></p>matthewk theresarebeck srobbins
The Beauty Shop Project2014<p>Our group researches how vernacular communal spaces like black beauty shops can be locations of collective creativity and imagination directed toward improving quality of life. Long-term goals include promoting better health and practical life skills, proactive citizenship, and subsequently, stronger communities using creative social practice methods.<br></p>cgaiter tgill
"Same Story"--Different Countries2015<p>This project will provide an artistic venue for researchers, artists, and participants to illuminate South African and United States historical and contemporary racial issues. As a truly multidisciplinary/transdisciplinary research project, it will engage historical and literary research, poetry, original music and choreographed performance pieces that incorporate projections of visual art.<br></p><p>Painting by Garth Erasmus<br></p>overby cemiller xiangg

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