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PRJI Events

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Elizabeth Catlett Symposium, October 4, 2019

In conjunction with the exhibition The Art of Elizabeth Catlett, the University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press will sponsor a day-long symposium that explores Elizabeth Catlett’s art and activism in its transnational contexts. Although Catlett may be best remembered for her feminist representations of black life and the fight for racial justice in the United States, she was also a Mexican citizen, having permanently resettled in Mexico City in 1947. Her leftist politics eventually led Catlett to be declared an “undesirable alien” by the U.S., and she was barred from re-entering the United States until 1971. Throughout and despite this exile, Catlett continued to create politically charged work that transcended national borders. As she famously described in the 1970 Ebony magazine article entitled “My Art Speaks for Both My Peoples”: “I am inspired by black people and Mexican people, my two peoples.”

This event is sponsored by the University of Delaware Library, Museums & Press, with support from the Paul R. Jones Initiative, University of Delaware College of Arts & Sciences

Organizers: Dr. Amanda Zehnder, Ashley Rye-Kopec, Anne Cross, and Dr. Tiffany E. Barber

Please email if you have questions about this event.  Additional information can be found at:

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