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Shanghai Sonatas<p>Bios:</p><p><strong><a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=4b8bc2ae-c70e-4580-9de7-496126b3b662&TermSetId=aa8fcfdd-537b-46fe-9583-0977a7ecd97a&TermId=2fdea669-f4c5-43cf-ae7d-18159b50f5d5&UrlSuffix=xiangg">Xiang Gao</a>:</strong><br></p><p>Recognized as one of the world's most successful violinists and pedagogues, Xiang Gao has solo performed for many world leaders and with 100 plus orchestras worldwide. As the Trustees Distinguished Professor of Violin at the University of Delaware and visiting professor of 4 major universities in China, Professor Gao has also been a renowned performing art administrator since 1997. Hundreds of music students from China and the U.S. annually attend the internationally acclaimed Master Players Music Festival he founded in Delaware. (Mr. Gao is represented by the California Artists Management)</p><p><strong><a href="/_layouts/15/FIXUPREDIRECT.ASPX?WebId=4b8bc2ae-c70e-4580-9de7-496126b3b662&TermSetId=aa8fcfdd-537b-46fe-9583-0977a7ecd97a&TermId=2fdea669-f4c5-43cf-ae7d-18159b50f5d5&UrlSuffix=zavp">Polly Zavadivker</a>:</strong></p><p>Polly Zavadivker specializes and teaches courses in Modern Jewish and East European History. Her current book project is a study of Jewish social activism in Russia during the First World War. It explores how Jews formed empire-wide networks of humanitarian aid, social and cultural activism at a time of total war and impending revolution.</p><p>Her next research project is a study of Soviet Jews shortly after World War II, with a focus on survivors of Nazi genocide. This project examines the importance of families, kinship, and gender in the formation of unofficial networks and support systems that Soviet Jews developed as ways to collectively cope with the impact of war and genocide.</p><p>In her teaching at UD she uses interdisciplinary methods to convey the varieties of Jewish experience in the Diaspora and modern Israel. She emphasizes the use of primary sources, including diaries, literary works and official documents, as well as photographs, works of art and film, and material objects.</p><p><strong>David Winkler:</strong></p><p>David Winkler is an Assistant Professor of Italian with the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures. In May of 2016, he earned his Ph.D. in Italian from Indiana University. Dr. Winkler has taught dozens courses on Italian language, literature, society and culture. He has also designed and taught coursework for the Jewish Studies program and Honors Program at the University of Delaware. He is a summer faculty member at the renowned Middlebury College Summer Language Schools at their satellite campus in Oakland, CA.</p><p>Dr. Winkler has won a number of awards in recognition of his teaching and scholarly achievements, including the Indiana University Department of French & Italian Associate Instructor Award for Excellence in Teaching, and the Indiana University College of Arts and Sciences Dissertation Completion Fellowship.</p><p>Dr. Winkler’s research interests include Jewish-Italian literature, Holocaust Studies, and Memory Studies. His dissertation, <em>The Other Consequences of Interpretation: Survivor Literature on Holocaust Memory</em>, investigates the literary dialogue between Italian language survivor-writers, and the public memory of the Holocaust in Europe between the postwar period and the turn of the 21st century.</p><p> </p>2020<p>In the late 1930s, over 23,000 German and Austrian Jews fled from the Nazi regime to the only city in the world that didn’t require a visa — Shanghai, China. Among these largely middle and upper-class refugees were about 450 professional musicians, who utilized their art to give voice to the fears, anxieties, struggles and hopes borne of their experience as guests in a completely foreign culture.</p><p>Nearly eighty years later, the world-renowned musician and UD Trustees Distinguished Professor of Music, Xiang Gao, is creating with his team of world-class artists <em>The Shanghai Sonatas, </em>a new musical based on the memoirs of the Jewish refugees who lived through this unique historical reality.</p>xiangg pollyz

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