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Live Cinema Live<p><strong class="ms-rteThemeForeColor-2-0">Abby Donovan</strong><span class="ms-rteThemeForeColor-7-3"> </span>is an artist and assistant professor in the Art Department at the University of Delaware. Her recent work includes performances with the 181 (an artist group she founded in 2010) at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia; the Stockholm Fringe Festival; and in December 2011 at the National Center for Contemporary Art in St. Petersburg, Russia. In September 2012 the 181 will take over SPACE Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA for three months of experimental art happenings. Throughout the past few years Abby has been a visiting artist at Tyler School of Art; the University of California, Davis; the Rhode Island School of Design; Penn State University; and the European Ceramic Work Centre, Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. She graduated with an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art and a BA from Swarthmore College.</p><p><strong class="ms-rteThemeForeColor-2-0">Adelina Vlas</strong> is the assistant curator for modern and contemporary art at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, She has a master's degree in Art History and a curatorial diploma in Visual Culture from York University, as well as a master of arts in Curating Contemporary Art from the Royal College of Art in London, where she co-curated the exhibitions Public Smog and Various Small Fires. Previously, Adelina has worked at the National Gallery of Canada, where she concentrated on permanent collection displays and special exhibitions. Since joining the Philadelphia Museum of Art in 2007, she has organized the contemporary art exhibitions in the Notations and Live Cinema series, including recent projects with younger-generation artists including Tim Hyde, Carlos Amorales, Martha Colburn, Jennifer Levonian, and Joshua Mosley.<br></p>2010<p>Live Cinema Live, In the Round: Contemporary Art from the East Mediterranean marked the first ever collaboration between the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the University of Delaware. This took the form of a series of events in the fall of 2011, including: Visiting artist Christodoulos Panayiotou (Cyprus,France) on the Newark campus for a public lecture and studio visits with MFA students (supplementary support for Panayiotouʼs visit received from the Institute for Global Studies); UD students and faculty attend both the exhibition opening of "Live Cinema/In the Round: Contemporary Art from the East Mediterranean" at the PMA, as well as Incidence, a sound performance by artist Hassan Khan at the Slought Foundation; Live Cinema Live, an afternoon of dialogue and conversations at Trabant Theater, University of Delaware, featuring Nora Alter(Professor, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA), Hassan Khan (artist, Cairo, Egypt), René Marquez (Associate Professor, University of Delaware), NovemberPaynter (curator, Istanbul, Turkey), Brian Kuan Wood (artist and writer, e-fluxjournal, New York, NY), and Adelina Vlas (curator, Philadelphia Museum of Art,Philadelphia, PA); ʻRe[a]l Cinema: Contemporary Translations of the Body,ʼ an exhibition in the Art Departmentʼs Recitation Gallery of work by Keren Cytter and Doron Golan, two Israeli video artists. Exhibition curated by art history graduate student Barbara Kutis in response to the exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art; and publication of THIS IS A MEETING PLACE, a 12-page magazine featuring writing and artwork by artists Inci Eviner, Christodoulos Panayiotou, Hassan Khan, and Brian Kuan Wood; as well as by UD undergraduate art student Aaron Hoffer and UD graduate art history students Barbara Kutis and Ted Triandos.<br></p>adonovan adelinavlas

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