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Electroacoustic Collaborations<p><strong class="ms-rteThemeForeColor-2-0">Clarinetist Marianne Gythfeldt</strong>, a native of Norway, has distinguished herself in chamber music, orchestral and contemporary music performance on the international stage. She received her Bachelor of Music at Eastman School of Music, and a Master of Music at Stony Brook University, where she studied with Charles Neidich.</p><p>As a New York City resident, Ms. Gythfeldt became the clarinetist of Ensemble Sospeso, Zephyros Winds, Absolute Ensemble and the Naumburg Award-winning New Millennium Ensemble, as well as a frequent participant in concerts with Orpheus Chamber Orchestra. Concert series and tours with these ensembles have taken her to Europe, Australia and Japan in collaboration with internationally acclaimed artists such as Paquito D’Rivera and Joe Zawinul. After 15 years of professional life in New York City, she came to the University of Delaware, where she is Associate Professor of clarinet and is building the clarinet performance and chamber music programs.</p><p>Currently, Ms. Gythfeldt is considered one of the premier performers and promoters of avant-garde and experimental contemporary music. Highlights of recent seasons include a recital at the MidAmerican Center for Contemporary Music in Bowling Green Ohio, a premiere performance of Revolve at the 2010 SEAMUS conference in St. Cloud, Minn., and a command performance with Zephyros Winds at the National Centre for Performing Arts in Beijing. Ms. Gythfeldt can be heard on recordings by CBS Masterworks, CRI, Albany, Koch and Mode Records; the 2005 Albany Records release of two solo clarinet pieces by Robert Morris; and as lead clarinet in the new 2010 release of Joe Zawinul with Absolute Ensemble.</p><p><strong class="ms-rteThemeForeColor-2-0">Ashley Pigford</strong> is an artist, designer, musician and educator working at the intersection of design process and art practice. His cross-disciplinary research involves physical computing and advanced digital systems in the interrogation of creative process and interaction design. His work manifests as electronic sculpture, interactive installation, performance, video, and print.</p><p>Ashley's previous career in commercial graphic design, as creative director of a design company he co-founded called &quot;Meat and Potatoes&quot;, included work with Universal Music Group, Fox, Mattel, MCA Records, Sammy Hagar, Princess Cruises, Liberty Media Group, Bonfire Snowboarding Company and Drug Policy Alliance. Now that he makes his living teaching, Ashley can be more selective of the type of clients he works with, favoring philanthropic and non-profit organizations including Vox Populi Gallery in Philadelphia and Artists Space Gallery in New York City. Ashley's graphic design work has been published in Creativity Magazine, Print Magazine, HOW Magazine, and &quot;Webworks Typography&quot; by Rockport Publishing, and his motion graphics work was nominated for 2 MTV Music Video Awards.</p>2009<p><strong>PG2 – Soundart Duo</strong><br></p><p>Coming together in the spirit of experimentation and cross-fertilization of art-forms, PG2 cultivates a new era of hybrid and mixed media interaction. The Duo includes hybrid/mixed-media visual artist and electric guitarist, Ashley Pigford, and clarinetist and electroacoustic performer, Marianne Gythfeldt.</p><p>They improvise using “found” objects as the primary inspiration for live performances. Their creations use unusual sound-sources such as the mechanical clicks and spasms of an old record-player or printer to build shows of original audiovisual pieces. The funding from the Interdisciplinary Humanities Research Center produced the following works:</p><p><strong>Escher Geometrics – Pigford-Gythfeldt , PG2</strong></p><p>Escher Geometrics is an interactive audiovisual piece using Max/msp. Sound and image are synchronized in an hypnotic slow-moving pace, that creates the illusion of cohesion. However, while the sound ebbs and flows in ascending and descending patterns, the images unfold in a linear fashion, while tracking the depth of sound of the clarinet pitch.</p><p><strong>Six Point Three – Pigford-Gythfeldt , PG2</strong></p><p>A computer-controlled electric typewriter creates the rhythmic foundation for an original musical composition involving bass guitar, MIDI wind machine and acoustic clarinets. The text used is an excerpt from Milton Babbitt’s book, Words about Music, and clarinet excerpts from Milton Babbitt’s epic clarinet solo My Ends are My Beginnings.</p>mgythfeldt design

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