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Interdisciplinary Humanities Research Center

PRJI Annual Lectures

The Paul R. Jones Annual Lectures

Dr. Mabel O. Wilson

2019 – Monday, March 11, 2019
Memorial Hall 127,  5:30 pm

Dr. Mabel O. Wilson
Notes on a Virginia Statehouse: Architecture and Race in Jefferson’s America

scholar, historian, architect, author


Fo Wilson2017Fo Wilson
artist, curator and educator
March 15, 2017





Ty Jones2016Ty Jones
producing artistic director of the Classical Theatre of Harlem
March 10, 2016
Ty Jones Video



Thomas Allen Harris2015Thomas Allen Harris
award-winning filmmaker and documentarian
March 2, 2015




Jonathan Green2014- Jonathan Green
March 18, 2014





Sonya Clark2013 – Sonya Clark
researcher, artist, author
February 24, 2013 *Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts





Mel EdwardsJayne Cortez






2011Mel Edwards and Jayne Cortez
sculptor; poet and performing artist
March 7, 2016




David C Driskell2010David C. Driskell
artist, scholar and historian
March 10, 2010




Keith Morrison2008 – Keith Morrison
artist, art educator, curator, art critic and administrator
October 7, 2008



Alison Saar


2007- Alison Saar
artist, speaker on black identity and black pride
April 19, 2007